Jackalope’s Dinner Menu

Okay, get ready for the good stuff! We’ve got appies, Southern
comfort food, slow cooked meats, delish sandwiches, some of the best
nachos in town, and of course, vegetarian and vegan options!

All our meats are locally sourced, hormone and antibiotic-free.
Pork Shaw Farms, Aldergrove BC
Beef Hopcott Farms, Pitt Meadows BC
Chicken Maple Hill Farms, Abbotsford BC
Wild Salmon Wheelhouse, Vancouver BC
Organic Bread A Bread Affair, Vancouver BC

V = Vegetarian
Veg = Vegan
GF = Gluten-free

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Crispy corn chips covered in cheddar and jack cheese, oven baked. Served with house salsa and sour cream by request. Plus your choice of...

Jackalope's Classic V GF
Full $17.99
Half $13.99
Personal $8.99

Black beans, sweet corn, roasted yams.

The Pineapple Express GF
Full $23.99
Half $19.99
Personal $10.99
Smoked chicken, pineapple, red onion, jalapeño.

Raunchy Rick’s Trailer Park Chips GF
Full $23.99
Half $19.99
Personal $10.99
“El Paso” taco meat, jalapeños, tube cheese, ranch, Hawkins Cheezie crumbs.

Fear The Reaper GF
Full $23.99
Half $19.99
Personal $10.99
Habenero peppers, ghost peppers, pulled pork, jalapeño, bbq sauce, ranch, pork rinds, avocado.

Nacho Add Ons
Full $6.99
Half $4.99
Personal $1.99
Smoked jackfruit, pulled pork, smoked chicken, “El Paso” taco meat


Taco Night $11.99 GF
Corn tortilla, house made “El Paso” taco meat, cheese, salsa, shaved iceberg lettuce, onions, sour cream.
Vegetarian or Vegan by request V Veg

Slow Cooked Dry Ribs $12.99 GF
Tender back ribs, tossed with cracked black pepper, sea salt. Served with apple slaw.

Slow Cooked Wet Ribs $14.99 GF
Tender back ribs, tossed with maple happy pappy, bbq or reaper death sauce. Served with apple slaw.

Molten Pimento Cheese $10.99 V GF
With pickled jalapeños, warm tortilla chips.
Add reaper death sauce $0.99

Skillet Cornbread $7.99 V
With butter, pimento cheese. Baked fresh, so please allow extra time for this item!

Mmm, corn bread!


Add smoked chicken, pulled pork, smoked jackfruit, or “El Paso” taco meat $5
Add Ribs $6

Jackalope's House Salad $10.99 GF V
Mixed leafy greens, maple balsamic vinaigrette, tomato, radish, pickled cabbage, cucumbers, goat cheese, avocado, Kentucky candied nuts.
Vegan by request Veg

Caesar Salad $10.99 V
House dressing, romaine, little gem lettuce, parmigiano-reggiano, garlic olive oil croutons, lemon.
Vegan by request Veg

Southwest Salad $11.99 V GF
Mixed leafy greens, cool ranch Doritos, cilantro lime vinaigrette, cheddar cheese, tomatoes, black beans, sweet corn, roasted yams, avocado, house ranch drizzle.
Vegan by request Veg


Served with roast potatoes or salad.
Sub caesar salad for $1.99

Pit Smoked Pulled Pork $12.99
Jim Beam bbq sauce, apple slaw, chili mayo on brioche.

Pit Smoked Chicken $12.99
Jim Beam bbq sauce, bacon, cheese, avocado, apple slaw, chili mayo on brioche.

Pit Smoked Jack Fruit $12.99 V
Jim Beam bbq sauce, chipotle, apple slaw, walnuts on brioche.
Vegan by request On ciabatta Veg

Slow-Cooked Brisket Beef Dip
Served with au jus, caramelized onions, creamy horseradish dressing, on ciabatta. $13.99
Baked with pimento cheese, jalapeños, caramelized onions. $15.99

Jackalope's Walnut Burger $12.99 V
Mushrooms, pickled jalapeños, American cheddar. Topped with butter pickles, lettuce, tomato. With house mayo on brioche.
Vegan by request On ciabatta Veg


Grits n gravy! Yuuuuuum!!


All skillets served with seasonal veg and cornbread, plus your choice of mash potatoes, roasted potatoes or dirty rice n beans.
Gluten-free by request Our skillet dinners can be made gluten-free. Ask your server! GF

Beef Brisket
Small $14.99
Large $19.99
Thick sliced sous vide brisket with caramelized onion pan jus.

BBQ Baby Back Ribs $16.99
Slow cooked baby back ribs, basted with Jim Beam bbq sauce.

Pit Smoked Pulled Pork
Small $13.99
Large $18.99
Pulled, chopped, and topped with Jim Beam bbq sauce.

Shake n’ Bake Chicken $15.99
Corn flake crust with house sausage gravy.

Keegan’s Salisbury Steak $14.99 Veg
Walnut brown rice patties, thick cut mushroom gravy, smoked almonds.

All baked dinners served with roasted garlic sourdough.

Mac n Cheese $10.99 V
Four cheese sauce, elbow mac, Doritos cool ranch crust, oven baked.

The Vegan’s Mac $10.99 Veg
“Cheese” sauce, elbow mac, Daiya cheese, corn chip crust, oven baked.

Mac Daddy $12.99
Four cheese sauce, smoked chicken, elbow mac, jalapeños, caramelized onions, Doritos cool ranch crust, oven baked.

Hamburger Helper $12.99
Four cheese sauce, elbow mac, house made “El Paso” taco meat, topped with Kraft singles, jalapeños, Doritos cool ranch chip crust.

Curried Venison Cottage Pie $14.99
Slow cooked in turmeric and coconut cream, topped with mash potato and oven baked. With house chutney.
Gluten-free by request GF

Pan fried chicken


Chocolate Chili Fudge Cake $8.99
With whip cream, smoked almonds, Virginia black whiskey.