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Jackalopes Dive COVID 19 Safety plan

November 9, 2020

Our business is committing to following the steps outlined in each of the 6 areas mandated by WorkSafe BC and the official Public Health Order. Our plan includes outlining our physical changes, our increased protocols and our required usage of PPE. We also outline the training we will be providing for our staff to ensure that the processes are followed.

Our goal with this plan is to create a workplace that is aware and responsive to the new protocols and physical changes to our workplace as a result of COVID-19. Through our enhanced awareness, we aim to help the Provincial Ministry of health to reduce the risk of person-to-person transmission through the following 6 measures in order of priority:

  1. Creating more space between patrons and staff in our business.
  2. Reducing the number of people in our business at any one time according to the latest Public Health Order.
  3. Adding physical barriers between people working in our establishment that cannot otherwise maintain physical distancing.
  4. Establishing new rules and guidelines for our staff to follow to help keep people physically distanced and to enhance our cleaning regimens.
  5. Defining what positions and in what situations our staff will safely be using PPE, particularly non-medical masks, to limit exposure to respiratory droplets. This includes training on how to use masks correctly.
  6. Limiting private gathering to no more than 50 people in accordance with the PHO.


Our Full Covid Plan

Our complete Covid plan can be read by clicking HERE. The PDF plan contains the full measures we have implemented in order to comply with WorkSafe BC and health recommendations. Our plan changes in order to meet current safety requirements, so please check back here periodically for our latest plan.